Request Fulfillment

Request Fulfillment seeks to deliver customer access to common service requests. Typically these are low risk, frequently occurring and low cost requests for change, such as requesting a new password or moving equipment to a new desk. Research has indicated that up to 80% of traffic to the Service Desk is made up of service requests, with incidents in the minority. As such there is a great deal of efficiency to be realized by minimizing the manual handling of service requests through automation.

80% of Service Desk traffic is made up of requests for service

HelpMaster’s intelligent and flexible business rules designer can automate assignment, prioritization and many other key issue workflow needs. Used in combination with HelpMaster task hierarchies, each step in completing a service request can be tracked and enforced; resulting in a predictable quality outcome for the customer.

Automation and workflow control = cost savings and customer satisfaction

Job templates can complete all the actions required for a common service request, including the categorization and profiling fields. The Service Desk Officer is freed from repeated data entry. Even the resolution activity and result can be applied via a template.

No time wasted on capturing repeat service requests – yet the data is still available to IT management

Customers can often fulfil their own requests given the right tools. HelpMaster’s Customer Web Portal allows customers to interrogate the Knowledge Base to find answers to their queries without contacting the Service Desk. They can participate in the ranking of knowledge by providing feedback and ratings, in order to assist others find the right solution faster.

Self service saves time, saves money


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