Problem Management

The goal of Problem Management aims to proactively prevent the occurrence of Incidents, Problems and errors within the IT infrastructure, in order to reduce the impact of these occurrences on the business.

Preventing incidents from occurring leads to significant cost reductions and a  subsequent freeing up of resources for new projects and infrastructure enhancements.

Reduce Incident load on the Service Desk

To achieve Problem Management, access to information in the form of alerts, patterns and trends is crucial. HelpMaster enables Problem Managers to be the IT organizations detectives by providing a suite of performance analysis reports. User defined filters and a Crystal Reporting engine ensure the right information can be targeted and accessed.

Powerful reports detect potential problems

Flexible data capture categorization and data profiling transforms data into information. HelpMaster allows full user control of this important information layer, in order to match the exact requirements of the organization.

Data -> Information -> Wisdom

Where the underlying issue is identified (the ‘known error’) and a workaround is identified HelpMaster publishes this information to the Knowledge Base. This ensures rapid incident resolution is possible for both officers and customers using self help, pending the release of any environment changes to resolve the known error. Customer satisfaction improves as service delivery becomes more reliable and consistent.

Deliver permanent solutions – put an end to workarounds

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