Knowledge Management

The goal of Knowledge Management is to make available the right information to the right person at the right time. And by doing so, enable them to make an informed decision. The quality of decision making is dependent on reliable knowledge.

HelpMaster’s Knowledge Base assists in the retention of effort; rediscovering the solution to an issue that has already been resolved is inefficient. The productivity reduction following the loss of key knowledge specialists can be reduced through the successful use of Knowledge Management.

Both Support Officers and customers can access the Knowledge Base, where articles are sorted on popularity and users can provide score based feedback on the success of the article. Text searching and other filter criteria ensure rapid access to the correct article to meet the user’s needs.

Customer access to knowledge reduces Officer workload

Articles can be linked to entities within the Configuration Management database (CMDB) as well as to other articles, building a dynamic web of information. Knowledge relationships allow users to continue to mine for information where initial results do not provide enough information.

Articles in relationship with other entities builds a web of knowledge

Support Officers have the option to email an article directly to a customer, so they can apply the resolution or follow the training advice in their own time. An even greater time saver is to take advantage of HelpMaster’s automated communication and Job templates to locate the relevant knowledge article and automatically email it to the customer when their issue is received via email. The customer has the opportunity to self resolve if they are unable to wait for the Service Desk to respond. Where articles are of particular interest or commonly used, customers can subscribe to article changes and so always have the latest knowledge at hand.

Automating knowledge dissemination is proactive Knowledge Management


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