Incident Management

The goal of Incident Management is to restore normal service as quickly as possible, while minimising negative impacts on business operations.

HelpMaster delivers effective Incident Management by enabling rapid Job logging and transparent issue tracking. Job and Action templates ensure the minimum required time is spent on capturing issue detail, whilst prompting officers to comply with data capture requirements.

Less time on logging – more time for resolving

Rapid resolution is key to successful Incident Management; the IT service has to be restored with haste so Business can deliver on its objectives. HelpMaster’s rapid incident and Knowledge Base article matching, delivering relevant resolution information to Officers quickly; avoids any need to rediscover an already known solution.

Rapid resolution through retaining solution wisdom

Intelligent Job handling assesses Job data and automates priority determination, assignment and routing, Knowledge Base article dissemination, notifications to customers, officers and other key stakeholders who may able to expedite Job resolution. Automation at this level reduces opportunities for officer error, while allowing them to focus on those issues that need specialist involvement.

Automate to save time, save money

A focus on systemising issue resolution through preconfigured templates and business rules, designed by the organisation for specific organisation needs, ensures superior customer communication through automated email responders and updates and tighter resolution timeframes. Customer satisfaction with Incident Management is further enhanced by the ability to self monitor Job progress through the Customer Web Portal, as well as log and close Jobs. The online Knowledge Base can even resolve their issues without the need to approach and wait on the Service Desk.

Customer satisfaction delivered through self help and communication

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