Knowledge Base

Knowledge is a valuable IT asset. Capturing problem solving outcomes and answers to questions on the HelpMaster Knowledge Base retains this resource. It is then made available to future issue management activity speeding time to resolution, increasing customer satisfaction, improving new support officer time to efficiency and saving money.

The HelpMaster Knowledge Bank offers sophisticated Knowledge Management capabilities as part of the affordable HelpMaster Help Desk software solution.

The Helpmaster Knowledge Base is fully integrated with other processes (such as Incident, Problem and Configuration Management) allowing Knowledge to be accessed rapidly from within the Job record without the support officer performing additional search activities. Configuration items (assets) can also be directly linked to knowledge articles, rapidly making relevant information available to the configuration team. In fact, all entities with the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) can be linked to Knowledge Articles creating a rich web of search relevance.

Searching the Knowledge Base list results by relevance with colour coded indicators to increase the speed of identifying the most helpful article. Keyword and full text searching ensures a thorough and accurate search of available knowledge.

The success of an article is best measured by the users. The HelpMaster Knowledge Base allows both customers and support officers to vote on the usefulness of an article. This influences the articles ranking in search results, further improving the knowledge search experience.

The HelpMaster Knowledge Base can deliver considerable costs savings as it retains knowledge and reduces the effort of finding and re-finding resolutions for issues. These cost savings can be extended even further into customer self-help via the HelpMaster web interface. Customers can search the Knowledge Base at any time of the day online, via a permission controlled web portal. Thereby resolving their issues without even needing to approach the Help Desk.

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